What the Army is doing about pilot shortfalls as COCOM demand for aviation brigades stays high

The desire for Army aviation assets hasn?t decreased among combatant commands, but the production sure did over the past few years, and the service says it?s working to address that shortfall through improvements to flight pay and surveying to figure out exactly why pilots are leaving for the private sector.

While the service?s aggregate number of pilots is reportedly suitable, there is an imbalance between the surplus of senior aviators and a shortage of nearly 700 junior aviators across the entire force, service officials told Army Times in August.

?One question I often get asked is, are the airlines impacting your shortfall,? Brig. Gen. Michael C. McCurry, director of Army aviation for the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-3/5/7 said Thursday at an aviation-focused event at the Association of the United States Army. ?Well the short answer is, we don?t know. We don?t have good measurements out there right now to tell us why an aviator is getting out of the force.”