Study suggests that pilots ? like athletes ? may be more likely to conceal a concussion

Research has found that college athletes may be less likely to report a concussion because they consider the impact on their team and their career prospects. A new study from the United States Air Force Academy suggests that a similar dynamic could be at play among pilots. The findings, which appear in PLOS One, suggest that seeking medical assistance for a concussion becomes a problem in some populations when disclosure is viewed as being costly.


More academy cadets selected to fly as the Air Force works to close its pilot shortfall

The Air Force has been dealing with a pilot shortage, but the service?s elite four-year academic institution is doing its part to pump out qualified future aviators.

More than 530 cadets from the U.S. Air Force Academy?s 2019 graduating class have been matched to attend pilot training pending final qualifications and commissioning.

That is a 26 percent increase over the 2018 graduating class.

?Airmanship is a large part of the academy experience, and a core part of our identity as a service, and we are proud as an institution to offer more flying opportunities to our cadets,? Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, Air Force Academy superintendent, said in a press release.