9 Investigates: Impact Of Growing Wind Industry On The Air Force

Top brass at Sheppard Air Force Base, home to what they say is the premier jet fighter pilot training program in the country, look north into Oklahoma and have one request for companies developing new wind farms: “Just work with us.”The plea comes as the wind industry has taken off in Oklahoma — now number two in the nation in wind energy generation — and, as a result, has begun to encroach on valuable airspace.

“It’s not just windfarms, it’s towers, too — anything vertical development,” said Lt. Col. Joseph Gaona, Director of the 80th Flying Training Wing’s Mission Sustainment Cell.


Technology training key to USAF readiness and lethality, says under-secretary

On a visit to the Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas, US Air Force (USAF) under-secretary Matthew P Donovan highlighted the importance of proper training for future USAF readiness and lethality.

Donovan stressed the significance of establishing infrastructure, such as learning laboratories, pre-flight briefings, and simulation equipment at the Sheppard facility and others across the US. He also mentioned that modernising key capabilities, improving the skillset of the workforce and providing operational innovation were part of the US National Defense Strategy (NDS).


AF aviators could someday come from enlisted ranks, revival of warrant officers

The Air Force is exploring alternative ways to add pilots to its ranks ? different from more traditional routes such as the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program at Sheppard Air Force Base.

A worrisome pilot shortage might give enlisted members new opportunities and could lead to the revival of a different kind of officer, one who doesn?t need a four-year college degree.