An open letter to the leaders of Marine aviation

The story of the midair collision ?between an F/A-18D and KC-130J on Dec. 6, 2018, as reported by the Marine Corps Times in September is now out for the entire world to see.

It is, sadly, a damning indictment of the leadership at every level of Marine aviation.

I cannot claim to speak for all who were the leaders of prior years, but I firmly believe this tragedy indicates that the current generation of aviation leaders have failed their Marines. And that, gentlemen, is neither the example nor the lesson those of us who were leaders in prior years passed on.

Before patting yourselves on the back for doing the right thing by relieving the commanding officer, XO, operations officer, and aviation safety officer of Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 242, you may want to consider whether that action really solved the problem. You know the answer to that one, a resounding no!


Meet the first female Marine F-35B pilot

Marine Capt. Anneliese Satz just made a name for herself June 27 at the Marine air station at Beaufort, South Carolina, for being the first female Marine to complete the F-35B syllabus. It?s a historic feat for the Corps, as she joins a relatively small field of Marine F-35 pilots.

The Corps? high-tech stealth fighter pilots were only manned with 86 pilots as of February, according to data obtained through a government records request. The field is authorized to have 263 pilots.

Satz arrived at Beaufort, South Carolina, with Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 in July 2018 and took her first flight in the F-35 in October, according to a Marine Corps release.