Marines UAV Crews to Train on Air Force Reapers as Prep for Group 5 UAV Fielding

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. ? The Marine Corps will work with the Air Force to put its Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron (VMU) crews through Group 5 UAV training to be qualified to operate MQ-9 Reapers. The idea is to help create an infrastructure and a knowledge base on large UAV operations ahead of fielding the Marines? ship-based UAV in the 2020s.

The service is in the early stages of developing a Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Expeditionary ? called the MUX ? that would be a similar size to the Reaper but would operate off amphibious and other ships and expeditionary fields without a runway. It is meant to focus on airborne early warning missions as well as command and control, electronic warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).