High-altitude health

May 31, 2019 ? If you Google Christopher Scheibler, you?ll find a slew of articles, photos, and videos about his stint as flight surgeon for the Thunderbirds, the Air Force?s demonstration squadron that performs aerobatic routines in F-16 fighter planes.

Scheibler, an Air Force major who?s been a flight surgeon for eight years, says that the two he spent with the Thunderbirds?helping them deal with health hazards such as G-forces, musculoskeletal injuries, and even the plain old flu?was a high point in his military career.


Blue Angels flight surgeon doubles as team’s unofficial photographer

For the last two years, Dr.?Juan Guerra has tended?to the?medical needs of a special group of patients: the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

Thousands of Twitter and Instagram followers have joined Lt. Cmdr. Guerra on his amazing journey, which will end Saturday after the annual Homecoming Air Show at Naval Air Station Pensacola.?

Guerra, an Ocala native, became interested in photography as child and continued the hobby through medical school. When he was selected as flight surgeon for the Blue Angels, he asked the public affairs staff if he could share photographs from his travels with the elite flight demonstration squadron.

“It is something that has sort of evolved,” he said of the fan following developed through his hundreds of posts.?