Why the the days of ?fighter jock culture? may be numbered

For the past half century, fighter pilots have dominated high-level leadership roles in the Air Force, much as bomber pilots did during World War II and the Cold War. But a recent study from the Rand Corp., sponsored by the Defense Department?s Office of Net Assessment, questions whether that hierarchy ? with fighter pilots first, bomber pilots second and other specializations after ? continues to serve the best interests of the service, especially in terms of fostering innovation.


Fighter jock culture may be holding Air Force back, Rand study says

The Air Force has been long dominated by fighter pilots at its senior leadership levels, but as careers in the service have become more diverse, a change in promotion preferences may be required to foster the innovation culture that also defines the service.

As it stands, the mass of fighter pilots in high-level leadership roles creates a hierarchy within the service, with fighter pilots first, bombers second and other specializations after, according to a recent Rand study sponsored by the Defense Department?s Office of Net Assessment.