Marines? CH-53E Helos Seeing Sharp Uptick in Readiness, Amid Replacement?s Testing Delays

THE PENTAGON ? Amid ongoing testing challenges and delays in the Marine?s CH-53K heavy-lift helicopter program, the legacy CH-53E fleet is seeing its highest reliability in decades and is focused on modernization efforts to keep it ready through 2031 or beyond. Just a few years ago, the legacy helo?s ability to make it through the planned transition was in doubt. The CH-53E Super Stallions entered service in 1981 and have been used heavily during operations in the Middle East since 2001.


Documentary calls aging Sikorsky model military?s deadliest aircraft

STRATFORD ? A documentary about a crash that killed three sailors raises questions about the military?s aging fleet of Sikorsky H-53E helicopters, which the film calls the deadliest aircraft in the armed services. Since debuting in the 1980s, 132 military personnel have died on the helicopter, according to the documentary, ?Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn?? The film is currently being screened at festivals and special events, with the hope that it will be picked up by a broadcaster or streaming outlet for wider distribution. It has also been adapted as a podcast.