Navy test pilot instructor earns Navy?s first-ever Army Broken Wing

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, MD?? June? 7, 2019 U.S. Naval Test Pilot School rotary instructor Barb Gordon was the Navy?s first to receive the??Army?s Broken Wing Award?during a ceremony June 6? in Patuxent River. Highly regarded and rarely awarded, the Army gives the Broken Wing to aircrew who have minimized or prevented loss of life and aircraft through outstanding airmanship during inflight emergencies. Gordon?s award marked the first time the Army presented the Broken Wing outside of the service.

Col. John Jones, commanding officer of the Army?s Redstone Test Center (RTC) in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, presided over the ceremony and presented the award to Gordon, a former naval lieutenant commander, who successfully recovered the UH-60L she was training a test pilot under instruction in October 5, 2016.