US Air Force Is Redrawing Its Pacific-War Playbook for China

If the United States has to go to war with China, its top Air Force general in the Pacific region wants allies more tightly woven into the battle plans ? and ready to execute even when communications go?down.

So Gen. Charles Brown is laying out new tactics and concepts of operations to be practiced in updated drills and wargames, the commander of Pacific Air Forces said Monday. Those drills might include fewer aircraft and people than has become customary ? but that?s also part of the?point.

?How do we move small packages around pretty quickly to complicate things for our adversary,? Brown told reporters at the Pentagon. ?[T]hen also how to operate in a contested environment, because I can?t guarantee that my [communications] will be up the entire time. So how do folks actually, don?t wait for direction, they get enough direction early enough from me so that they can actually go?execute.?