Space Force establishes the first of three field commands

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Space Force officially has its first field command, after the service redesignated Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado as the new headquarters of Space Operations Command during an Oct. 21 ceremony.

“The establishment of Space Operations Command adds powerful depth to our collective space combat capability,” said Gen. James Dickinson, head of U.S. Space Command “Make no mistake, we are the best in the world in space. With the stand up of Space Operations Command today, we are even better aligned to deliver combat power more effectively.”

Space Operations Command (SpOC) is one of three field commands — alongside Space Systems Command and the Space Training and Readiness Command — the Space Force is establishing. Space Systems Command will be in charge of developing, acquiring and sustaining systems for the service, while Space Training and Readiness Command will provide training and education to the service’s space professionals.


AFSPC Mulls Intel, Personnel Questions of the New Space Age

Figuring out how to keep a closer eye on what?s happening in outer space?rather than using space to peer down at the Earth?is among the uncharted capability and personnel issues the Air Force must navigate as a possible Space Force comes to fruition, according to the deputy commander of Air Force Space Command.

?When you think of space and intelligence together, you might be like me,? Maj. Gen. John Shaw said at a Sept. 5 conference hosted by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance in National Harbor, Md. ?In my career, I think about intelligence collection in space, coming down to the Earth?intelligence from space. We need to think really, really hard now about intelligence for space. Where is that intelligence expertise, the processes, the capabilities we have to understand what?s actually happening in the space environment??