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Founder Coin Series

Throughout the year, six limited-edition challenge coins will be released, each featuring a different Daedalian Founder. This challenge coin series advances a key component of our mission, honoring those who flew in defense of our nation.

Medals / Coins

*Shipping is not included on the Daedalian coin. All others include shipping.

Membership categories

Named Membership

Our Named Members perpetuate the legacy of our Founder Members. Dues are $70 annually, with a one-time initiation cost of $50. Flights offer their own memberships. Contact your local flight for more information.

Life Membership

Named and Hereditary Members may also become Life Members. By becoming a Life Member, you’re making a direct investment in tomorrow’s military aviators. Life membership can be started with an initial payment of $150 and paid off over 5 years.

Hereditary Membership

A direct line descendant, by birth or adoption, of a Founder Member may become a Hereditary Member. You do not need to be a pilot or have military experience, and there’s no limit to the number of Hereditary Members authorized for any one Founder Membership. Dues are $70 annually; there is no initiation fee. Hereditary Members must be over 18.

Your purchase helps bring awareness to the Daedalian mission of empowering the next generation of military aviators. 100% of the proceeds go to supporting our programs.