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A Combined Effort Leads to NATO Success

How a Combined Effort Led to NATO Success
By: Ms. Autumn Bernhard

When discussing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Operation Unified Protector with retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Ralph Jodice, one thing quickly became clear; it is the people that made the operation a success. In fact, one of the most important takeaways from Jodice’s time as NATO’s Air Component Commander (ACC) in Izmir, Turkey, was to not underestimate people.

 “You can have the newest, best equipment, but it takes people to get the job done,” he said. “Realize that when empowered and led appropriately, people do amazing things for you. Empower people to be able to do what they need to be able to do. Trust them that they are going to make smart decisions. Recognize that every country has something to share.”

That is exactly what he did for a little over seven months during the Alliance’s military intervention, with assistance from four partner nations, in North Africa.

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