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What Does Jointness Mean and is it Worth It?

A sit down with Lt. Gen. Mark, R. Wise, USM, previous Deputy Commandant for Aviation
By: Ms. Autumn Bernhard

Autumn Bernhard: How do you define jointness between services?

General Mark Wise: It’s not just one thing — it’s numerous things. A more obvious, but I think the most important, is the interoperability piece. It’s the ability for each service to have capabilities that are conversive with each other. Whether you’re talking about networks, waveforms or whatever it happens to be, they need to be able to work together in as seamless an environment as possible.

But it’s also understanding the other services that make up the joint world. Think of it as an ecosystem — what is each service’s role in the ecosystem and where are the places we overlap and the places we enable each other.

What this has generated us toward is when you develop capabilities, you don’t do it in your own little silo. You do it eyes wide open, so you are a value-added in any theater. I didn’t say conflict for a reason because jointness can be we have to carry a big stick and be capable to operate together to create significant effects on the battlespace.

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