Daedalian JROTC

The Daedalians inspire tomorrow’s military aviators and are proud to sponsor the Daedalian JROTC medal representing outstanding citizenship and excellence in academics.

The qualifications for this award are:

  • Has demonstrated patriotism, love of country and service to our nation.
  • Has indicated the potential and desire to pursue a military career.
  • Ranks in the upper 10 percent of his or her JROTC class.
  • Ranks in the upper 20 percent of his or her high school class.

Each year the Daedalians support approximately 1,200 schools with this award recognizing cadets across the nation for their outstanding performance and commitment to service.

High schools may request the medals from a local flight in their area.

Below is a certificate that can be presented to the student when they are presented with the medal. There is also presentation information that should be read during the presentation of the award by a local Daedalian or JROTC instructor.