Flying Training

Daedalians Flying Training (DFT) scholarship

The Daedalians Flying Training (DFT) scholarship is sponsored by the Order of Daedalians and administered by the Daedalian Foundation and participating Daedalian flights across the country.

The DFT Scholarship is a four-way partnership of the Daedalian Foundation, participating flights, FAA certified flight schools, and the selected candidates. Successful applicants will receive ground and flight training necessary to achieve a solo flight in a general aviation fixed wing aircraft.

The Daedalian Foundation will share with the flights the cost of training up to two students per year with funds from the Tex Hill and Les Leavoy DFT Scholarship accounts.

Applicants for the DFT scholarships must meet the following eligibility criteria: completing the sophomore year of high school or enrolled in an accredited college program; demonstrate the desire and potential to become a military aviator in the armed forces of the United States; and be a U.S. citizen and fluent in English.

The Les Leavoy Story

The late Les Leavoy, Lt. Col., USAF, was a veteran fighter pilot with 87 combat missions in the P-47 in World War II, served during the Korean Conflict, and flew 250 combat missions in the F-100 while serving three tours as a squadron commander during the Vietnam War. Colonel Leavoy also commanded the 4515th and 4511th Combat Crew Training Squadrons at Luke AFB, Arizona,and finished his career as the Air Force advisor to the Texas Air National Guard. He flew over 6,500 hours in fighter aircraft to include the P-40, P-47, P-51, F-84, F-86, and the F-100. Each year, the Les Leavoy DFT Scholarship provides 100 percent funding to cadets at Ft. Worth Flight 23 and Ft Hood Flight 103.

Les Leavoy, Lt Col, USAF

The Tex Hill Story

The late David Tex Hill, Brig. Gen., USAFR, earned his wings as a naval aviator and in 1941 was recruited by Claire Chennault to the 1st American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers). He became an ace in 1942 after shooting down four Japanese fighters and a bomber. He commanded a squadron in China and was a double ace with 12 aerial victories when the Flying Tigers disbanded in 1942. General Hill then joined the USAAF flying the P-51, commanding the 23rd Fighter Group, and scored six more victories against Japanese aircraft. He once again saw combat during the Korean Conflict with the Texas Air Guard. The Tex Hill DFT Scholarship provides supplemental funding to participating Daedalian flights across the country.

David ?Tex? Hill. Brig Gen, USAFR