Opening the Door to Cultural Understanding and Mutual Cooperation

by Capt. Julian Gluck, USAF and Capt. Byron Muhlenberg, USAF

“The world we live in is quickly shifting: former threats are receding while new dangers materialize, and growing adversaries begin their assertive force projection on the regional and global stages. Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has been able to stay ahead of these emerging threats through economic, military, and scientific dominance and through mutual cooperation within its strongly knit alliance network. As American hegemony wanes—particularly in the Indo-Pacific—strength in numbers and diversity will only increase in necessity as the international system begins to reveal elements of multipolarity with increasingly bellicose centers of gravity. Improving the efficacy of our multinational military partnerships through better educated and trained personnel will be the key to effective operations overseas in our most paramount area of responsibility,” writes Order of Daedalians Communications Committee Member and USAF B-52 Instructor Pilot Capt Julian “Cosmo” Gluck with his co-author Capt Byron Muhlenberg, USAF.

This article in Air University’s Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs takes lessons learned from bilateral and multilateral military exercises like Exercise COPE NORTH to find better ways that our military and especially aviators can leverage experience and culture for more effective combined warfighting.