New Aviator Initiative

Congratulations, military aviation training program graduates!

If you have graduated in the past year from any SUPT, URT, navigation school or other rated aviation school, the Daedalians would like to offer you a free one-year membership. As the premier fraternal organization of military aviators, the Daedalians’ mission is to advocate for air and space power and honor those who flew and fly in defense of our nation.

Our objectives:

  • Support the current Total Force (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve and Civil Air Patrol);
  • Educate Americans to the advantages of air and space power;
  • Promote the rewards of a career in military aviation to young Americans;
  • Honor the legacy of our Founder Members and all who have flown in defense of our nation;
  • Encourage and recognize improvements in flight safety, weapons development, combat support and the overall effectiveness of air and space power;
  • Recognize exceptional performance by military aviators;
  • Actively recruit qualified new members to perpetuate the traditions and prestige of the Order and accomplish its stated objectives.

Fill out the application and send a copy of your military rating to or hard copy to Daedalians, P.O. BOX 249, Randolph AFB, TX 78148