Life Membership

Why should I become a Life Member?

A Life Membership is a commitment to the ideals that we were founded upon. You understand the passion of being an aviator, and the journey you took to achieve your goal. Sometimes that path is circuitous or interrupted. By becoming a Life Member, you?re making a direct investment in tomorrow?s military aviators, helping them achieve their goals by a more direct route.

The advantages can last a lifetime, but don?t take a lifetime to pay.

Cost of a Life Membership

Thru 40??? $1,300

41 ? 55???? $1,200

56 ? 70???? $1,000

71 ? 75???????? $750

75 +???????????? $500

Payment Plan

Life membership can be started with an initial payment of $125 and paid off over 3 years. Amount and timing of the subsequent payments are your choice. Periodic statements are sent as reminders of the balance. If you would like to know more about Life Membership, please contact us at 210-945-2111 or email us at