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Membership Categories

Our Named Members perpetuate the legacy of our Founder Members. Dues are $70 annually, with a one-time initiation cost of $50. Flights offer their own memberships. Contact your local flight for more information.
Named and Hereditary Members may also become Life Members. By becoming a Life Member, you’re making a direct investment in tomorrow’s military aviators. Life membership can be started with an initial payment of $150 and paid off over 3 years.
A direct line descendant, by birth or adoption, of a Founder Member may become a Hereditary Member. You do not need to be a pilot or have military experience, and there’s no limit to the number of Hereditary Members authorized for any one Founder Membership. Dues are $70 annually; there is no initiation fee. Hereditary Members must be over 18.

Benefits of becoming a Daedalian

We are a professional organization of military aviators. Members are of one spirit of familiarity to the world of military aviation and there is trust that exists between our members.

Daedalians promote the rewards of a career in military aviation to young Americans and mentor those who are fresh in their careers. Giving back to the professional community raises the profile and stature of our members

Daedalians take pride in ownership by sponsoring awards for exceptional active duty aviators as well as awards for safety, education and training, service, weapon systems and advocacy. These awards shine a light on outstanding work that should be showcased but might otherwise have remained undiscovered.

Daedalians have a concern for human welfare and advancement. The Daedalian Foundation fosters scholarship and flying training programs as well as awards at the high school level. Each generation inspires a new generation of military aviators within their own community.

Local Flights
Local chapters exist for sharing experiences, networking and community involvement. There are one-of-a-kind chapter events built around learning and engagement, and staying abreast of military aviation developments.

Virtual Flight
An electronic chapter designed for those who do not have the time, ability or proximity to a local flight to attend traditional meetings, this page offers visitors an interactive look at aviation with activities designed to keep Daedalians in the loop with current and historical aviation topics.

Quarterly Daedalus Flyer Magazine
The Daedalus Flyer is a quarterly magazine designed to educate readers about military missions and airpower, and to inform them of the success of Daedalian programs. Free to members, this publication is available to other organizations who advocate for airpower’s current Total Forces

Weekly Airpower Blog
An exchange of articles about airpower representing all services and other civilian agencies as applicable. Readers are encouraged to submit their own articles for publication, and comment on stories as well.

Monthly Aviator Newsletter
A monthly production that presents news on aviation, military history, and current acts of altruism.

Rich Heritage
We honor those who served in World War I by tying a new member to one who flew first in defense or our nation. No other aviation community carries their history back to World War I aviation in such a personal way. Every named member carries forth the legacy of these pilots. Your named membership will be forever entwined with this rich heritage.


A commissioned or warrant officer, in any component of the U.S. armed forces in any of the following rated positions, is eligible for membership in the Daedalians:

Navigator/Combat Systems Officer (CSO)/Weapon Systems Officer (WSO)

Naval Flight Officer (NFO)

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilot

Air Battle Manager (ABM)

Flight Surgeon


Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP)

Qualified aviators who are no longer affiliated with the military must have been honorably discharged. All ratings must have been received by successfully completing a U.S. military aviation training program.

Hereditary Members

A direct line descendant, by birth or adoption, of a Founder Member.

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