A Special Organization

When you become a Daedalian, you join a venerated organization made up of distinguished patriots, past and present. Your membership offers several advantages, including the ability to network and build camaraderie with similar-minded and motivated individuals, to help advocate and advance military aviation and space technology, and to recognize, be involved with, and learn about the top aviators of yesterday and today.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ranks!

Membership Categories


Our Founder Members are the more than 14,000 World War I aviators who were commissioned as officers and rated as military pilots no later than Armistice Day on Nov. 11, 1918. Read about our history here.


Our Named Members perpetuate the legacy of our Founder Members. Those eligible are: a commissioned or warrant officer in any component of the U.S. Armed Forces who is a pilot, navigator, combat systems officer (CSO), weapon systems officer (WSO), naval flight officer (NFO), air battle manager (ABM), remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) pilot or flight surgeon of heavier-than-air powered aircraft, an astronaut or a Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). Normally, only two Named Members are authorized per Founder Member but the National Adjutant may add additional memberships.


A descendant, real or adopted, of a Founder Member. There is no limit to Hereditary Members authorized for any one Founder Membership.


Named and Hereditary Members may also become Life Members. A Life Membership is a commitment to the ideals the Daedalians were founded upon. You understand the passion of being an aviator, and the journey you took to achieve your goal. By becoming a Life Member, you’re making a direct investment in tomorrow’s military aviators, helping them achieve their goals by a more direct route.


A distinguished person who is not otherwise eligible for membership as a Daedalian. The National Board of Directors screens recommendations and selects the nominee to be submitted to the vote of the active membership. At least three quarters of the votes cast must be in favor of the nominee’s designation as an Honorary Member. The number of Honorary Members shall not exceed 15 at any one time.

Current Honorary Members

Name – Date Installed

Mr. Keith Ferris – June 23, 1984

Dr. Benjamin Lambeth – May 25, 2002

Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton Jr. – June 21, 2003

Mr. Michael W. Melvill – June 21, 2006

Dr. Hans M. Mark – Sept. 22, 2011

Mr. Laird Leavoy – March 23, 2016

Dr. Richard P. Hallion – April 21, 2016

Past Honorary Members
Name Year Installed Deceased
Orville Wright 1938 1948
Gerald C. Brandt 1954 1958
Alexander P. de Seversky 1956 1974
Igor I. Sikorsky 1957 1972
Thomas D. White 1957 1965
Thomas D. Campbell 1957 1966
John K. Northrop 1957 1981
Donald W. Douglas 1957 1981
James H. Douglas 1960 1988
Otis O. Benson Jr. 1961 1982
Clayton C. Shangraw 1961 1983
Ernest C. Hall 1962 1972
Robert C. Reeve 1963 1980
Grover C. Loening 1973 1976
E.B. Jeppesen 1974 1996
Robert M. Stanley 1974 1977
Clarence L. Johnson 1975 1991
George E. Haddaway 1977 1988
John P. Stapp 1981 1999
Christopher C. Kraft 1983 2015*
Don H. Clausen 1983 2015
James J. Parks 1985 2001
Jerome F. Lederer 1985 2004
Gerhard Neumann 1986 1997
Milton A. Caniff 1987 1988
Edward H. Heinemann 1987 1981
Paul E. Garber 1988 1992
Anthony W. Levier 1988 1998
Ernest K. Gann 1990 1991
Edna Gardner Whyte 1990 1992
Scott Crossfield 1993 2006
Jeffrey L. Ethell 1994 1997
Robert A. Hoover 1994 2000
Alvin S. White 1994 2006
John W. Myers 1998 2008
Michael J. Novosel 1998 2006
William J. Reynolds 1998 2006
Fowler W. Cary Jr. 2007 2019
*Resigned due to medical reasons

Benefits of Membership

Rich Heritage

We honor those who served in World War I by tying a new member to one who flew first in defense or our nation. No other aviation community carries their history back to World War I aviation in such a personal way. Every named member carries forth the legacy of these pilots. Your named membership will be forever entwined with this rich heritage.


We are a professional organization of military aviators. Members are of one spirit of familiarity to the world of military aviation and there is trust that exists between our members.


Daedalians have a concern for human welfare and advancement. The Daedalian Foundation fosters scholarship and flying training programs as well as awards at the high school level. Each generation inspires a new generation of military aviators within their own community.


Daedalians take pride in ownership by sponsoring awards for exceptional military aviators as well as awards for safety, education and training, service, weapon systems and advocacy. These awards showcase outstanding work.


Daedalians promote the rewards of a career in military aviation to young Americans and mentor those who are fresh in their careers. Giving back to the professional community raises the profile and stature of our members.

Local Flights

Local chapters exist for sharing experiences, networking and community involvement. There are one-of-a-kind chapter events built around learning and engagement, and staying abreast of military aviation developments.

Virtual Flight

An online chapter designed for members who do not have the time, ability or proximity to a local flight to attend traditional meetings, this web page offers visitors an interactive look at aviation with activities designed to keep Daedalians in the loop with current and historical aviation topics.

Daedalus Flyer Magazine

Our quarterly magazine is designed to educate readers about military missions and airpower, and to inform them of the success of Daedalian programs. Free to members, this publication is available to other organizations who advocate for airpowers’ Total Force community.

Airpower Blog

An exchange of articles about airpower representing all services and other civilian agencies as applicable. Readers are encouraged to submit their own articles for publication, and comment on stories as well.

Aviator e-Newsletter

This monthly product presents news about Daedalian accomplishments, aviation heritage, and updates on our philanthropic efforts regarding scholarships, Daedalian Flying Training and JROTC.