Let’s Talk About The Digital Evolution Of Electronic Warfare

A recent feature by Northrop Grumman provided some interesting insights into how the Electronic Warfare (EW) is moving away from the analog era and embracing the new digital technologies. Over the past decades, infrared countermeasures and analog EW systems were highly effective to protect aircrews against legacy anti-aircraft weapons during combat operations.

Nowadays, new generation threats are emerging all over the world, both in regard of anti-aircraft weapons (the so-called “double digit SAMs” like the SA-21/S400 and new air-to-air missiles) and new EW capabilities, all based on new digital technologies. As mentioned by NG in their feature, a digital battle for the electronic warfare domain is underway, with adversaries seeking to control the electromagnetic spectrum and deny access to airspace by using sophisticated and agile multi-spectral systems and creating dense, highly contested environments.