Leonardo Wins U.S. Navy Helo Trainer Deal

The U.S. Navy has selected Leonardo’s TH-119 as its new training helicopter, the company announced Monday night. A military variant of the civil AW119, the new military trainer – the TH-73A – will replace the service’s existing fleet of Bell TH-57s. The initial contract is for 32 aircraft with spares, support, and training and is valued at nearly $176.5 million. Subsequent individual year contracts are expected to bring total deliveries to 130 aircraft by 2024, with a value of $648.1 million.

Leonardo had been competing with Bell and Airbus Helicopters for the deal and those companies had offered variants of its single-engine model 407 and light twin H135, respectively. Leonardo said the delivery of the helicopters is expected to be completed in October 2021. The aircraft will be assembled at Leonardo’s AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.