Killer Angel On Your Shoulder: Army?s Future Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft

REDSTONE ARSENAL: The Army wants its Future Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft to stick close to the ground troops, Brig. Gen. Wally Rugen told me here, and operate ?over the shoulder? of friendly grunts. Manned air and ground forces would work together and protect each other along the front line, while relatively expendable drones and missiles go deep into enemy airspace.

After this multi-domain attack has fractured the enemy?s defensive system, the Army?s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) assault aircraft carry troops deep into hostile territory. While FARA itself might be a fairly normal-looking helicopter ? its current speed requirement is right on the edge of what current designs can achieve ? the FVL assault craft will have to use revolutionary technology to move twice as fast as conventional helicopters to get to the target and back before the enemy repairs his defenses.