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Founder Coin

Throughout the year, six limited-edition challenge coins will be released, each featuring a different Daedalian Founder. The Order of Daedalians was originally founded to preserve the memory of the World War I pilots who were the first to fly in time of war.

This challenge coin series advances a key component of our mission, honoring those who flew in defense of our nation. Proceeds will be put towards our scholarship and flying training programs, as young Americans follow in our Founder’s footsteps as tomorrow’s military aviators.


Coins will be available for purchase online only via credit card on the Daedalian website. No cash or checks will be accepted. The dedicated purchase page will be shared on Daedalian communications channels.

Each coin will cost $26, in honor of the Daedalians’ March 26th birthday. The coins are 1.75″ across with a shiny gold finish, feature the Founder’s molded profile and name, and include a black velvet display box.

Each member is allowed to purchase a maximum of three of each Founder’s coin. The three purchase maximum applies for the entirety of the time each coin is available for purchase. (i.e. You couldn’t purchase three of one kind of coin on a Monday, and then purchase three additional coins that Friday, or any later date in the sales period.)

Yes, each coin is available for approximately 60 days. Each Founder’s sale period will be shared when announced, and posted on the Daedalian website.

Coins will be available while supplies last during the temporary sales period. They are available first come, first serve. No individual Founder coin can be purchased after the sales period.

On the first day of the sales period, the coins will be available for sale beginning at 0001 CST. The link to the dedicated purchase page for the coin will be shared via email and in our communications channels. The purchase page link will be posted on our online store at the start of that business day.

Yes, the dedicated purchase page will show how many coins remain available. We will also be releasing this information on our communications channels. Once sold out, the information will be shared on our website.

The WWI pilots we honor with this initiative accepted great personal risk and achieved unique accomplishments as military aviators. To be respectful of their legacy and our resources, we are limiting the number available for this new initiative. Pending the results of this year’s effort, we may explore selling additional coins for future annual series.

Coins will be mailed in a black velvet box. The box will be shipped in a padded envelope.

Yes, shipping is included in the $26 price for addresses within CONUS. Priority shipping will be used for stateside purchases. Contact HQ for arrangements for non-CONUS addresses.

Our processor charges a 3% transaction fee. You can choose to cover that fee as part of your purchase. The Daedalian Foundation pays it if you opt out of the charge.

No, out of fairness to all those interested, no coins may be reserved in advance.

No, you will need to purchase each coin during its individual sales period.

Because these are a limited-edition, single-casted special series, these coins can not be requested from headquarters for outreach purposes. Our standard challenge coins remain available to share for marketing and outreach initiatives, upon request. If you wish to use any of the coins you purchase to share the Daedalians with a young aviator or prospective member, that is highly encouraged.

A limited supply of commemorative six packs featuring each coin in the series will be available for sale beginning in November 2022. Additionally, one six pack will be included in our end of year Daedalian gift auction. However, if you are interested in a particular Founder’s coin, we recommend purchasing it during the individual sales period for that coin.

The first series of Founders was selected by reviewing the list of WWI pilots who are credited aces. For our first six, we selected several who are well-known, have special significance to the organization, or connections with each other.

For questions on the Founder coin series or assistance with purchases, please email