Important Documents

Founder Library

This section will contain both the scanned versions of the Clark’s list of Army Air Service Pilots and the Contact list for WWI Naval Pilots.


The Daedalian Bylaws – July 2020

Membership Application

Print this form and return it Headquarters or e-mail. Use Adobe Reader to type in.

Flight Manual

NEW! Revised and updated 2019 Flight Manual now available. Provides local flights information on governing their chapter and what is required by National.

Egan Recertification Application

For students who qualified for the Egan scholarship and are continuing their education.

Travel Voucher

For Board of Directors and Board of Trustees and those designated by the National Adjutant.

Quarterly Report

For flight activity

Daedalian Flying Training (DFT) Manual

Updated for 2018.

Hereditary Application

Application only