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Flight Resources


Flight Manual

Guidance on operating a flight and support available from Headquarters.

JROTC Update

Guidance on JROTC Policy

Salesforce User Manual

Directions on how to access and use your flight database.


Quarterly Report

Required reporting to Headquarters for flight funding.

Tax Guidance

IRS Site for nonprofits on a federal level. For state recognition of tax exemption, refer to the Secretary of State's website for your Flight’s home state. Each state has different filing requirements that are relatively simple and should be done after receiving the federal exemption. Please review state requirements for nonprofit operations. Some states have rules against things like raffles and ongoing sale items.

JROTC Medal Request

Request medals for flight presentations. Please include a shipping address.

Zip Code List

Request a list of members located around your flight.


Membership Application

Printed format for qualified members.

New Aviator Graduate Application

If you are a commissioned officer and have graduated in the past year from any SUPT, UPT, navigation school or other rated aviation school, apply for your free one year membership.

Scholarship Application

Online format for Daedalian Scholarship application for all entry-level scholarships.

Egan Recertification Application

Application for students who have received Egan funds in previous year(s).

DFT Application

Student application for our Daedalian Flying Training.


Media Tool Kit

Resources and guidance to help your flight get local media recognition for various outreach.

HQ Publication Submittal

Send in your flight happenings to be featured in Headquarters communications.

Daedalian Flights (Chapters) are located throughout the world and are the grassroots efforts of the Order of Daedalians. Their dedication to the mission help create qualified military aviators who will serve our nation with a patriotic spirit.