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Flights 1 – 40

Flights 41 – 121

Founders Flight 1
Montgomery, Alabama

Region: Southeast
Contact email: foundersflight@gmail.com

The Order of Daedalians was established in 1934 at Maxwell Air Force Base to honor World War I pilots: the first to participate in aerial combat in the service of the United States during a time of war. Founders Flight 1 continues this legacy of service by providing a forum to connect military aviators of all eras and by serving the local aviation community through its scholarship and award programs.

Stinsons Flight 2
JBSA-Randolph, Texas

Region: South Central
Contact email: stinsons.flight@gmail.com
Website: https://www.daedalians.org/stinsons-flight-2/

We are named in honor of the four Flying Stinsons: Katherine, Eddie, Margaret and Jack, all pioneer flyers who were nationally famous before and during WWI. We also honor Lt. Benjamin Foulois each March. He made the first all-military flight in 1910 at Fort Sam Houston. Finally, we honor our Founders and the Wright Brothers each December at Stinson Municipal Airport, the second oldest airport in the country.

National Capital Flight 4

Ft Myer, Virginia

Region: Northeast

Contact email: national.capital.flight4@gmail.com

We list 346 members from around the region and the northern Virginia area. Our aviator members come from the ranks of former and current Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army aviators who have served America in conflicts ranging from World War II to Iraq and Afghanistan. Our charter is to promote aviation and air power in support of our nation’s defense.

Golden Gate Flight 5
Travis AFB, California

Region: Southwest

Golden Gate Flight 5 was originally chartered as the San Francisco Flight on Dec. 2, 1955, and was established for members in the San Francisco Bay Area and nearby communities. Until 1969, Flight 5 lacked an official headquarters and used the Presidio of San Francisco postal address for its HQ. It represented the Order of the Daedalians in most of the western states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Flight 5 later encouraged and supported the formation of new units in the Los Angeles area (Flight 7), the San Diego Area (Flight 13), and Alaska (Polar Flight 10 in Anchorage and Farthest North Flight 21 in Fairbanks). In February 1969, Flight 5 found a new home at Hamilton AFB with help of the former base commander and Flight 5 member Col Charles L. Praul. At this time the roster was made up of only 400 men, half of whom resided in Northern California. Records are scarce for Flight 5 from 1956-90; sometime in this period, the name was changed to Galaxy Flight. In 1997, Flight 5 members voted to change the name back to Golden Gate Flight 5. The flight now resides at Travis AFB still serving members throughout Northern California.

Space Flight 6
Cocoa, Florida

Region: Southeast
Contact email: garyb47@garrettc.com

We have 74 members now and looking for more. Back in 1970s we had over 200 members. The average age is now near 80. Our most famous member was Maj. Gen. David M. Davy Jones, a Doolittle Raider, when he was commander of the Air Force Eastern Test Range at Cape Kennedy. He retired in 1973 and remained a member of Daedalians until his last flight in 2008. Learn more about him HERE.

Harold L. George Flight 7
El Segundo, California

Region: Southwest
Contact email: dvdbock@verizon.net. For JROTC: Daedalians7@msn.com.

Flight 7 was chartered in September 1956. The flight is composed of Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force active and retired military pilots. We meet every other month for a luncheon in our Daedalian Room at the Air Force Space and Missile Center in El Segundo, California. Our meetings include a guest/member speaker addressing our profession as military pilots and their involvement in the advancement of military aviation. We welcome and invite all of our fellow military pilots to join us at one of our member luncheons as well as joining us as a Flight 7 member in advancing the tenants and heritage of the of the Order of Daedalians.

Kitty Hawk Flight 8
Goldsboro, North Carolina

Region: Southeast
Contact email: allgaier@suddenlink.net

Frank P. Lahm Flight 9
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

Region: North Central
Contact email: flt9captain@gmail.com
Website: https://flight-9.weebly.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DaedaliansFlight9/

Polar Flight 10
JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

Region: Northwest

Falcon Flight 11
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Region: Northwest
Contact email: falconflight11@gmail.com

Old Pueblo Flight 12
Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

Region: Southwest
Contact email: flight12@daedalians.org or OldPueblo12@gmail.com

Davis-Monthan AFB is home to the Daedalian’s Old Pueblo Flight 12. The flight stood up in 1963 with 53 members across Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Among the original members was Senator Barry Goldwater. Today the Old Pueblo Flight is a Tucson-based organization with 130 members. Our membership includes numerous combat veterans from multiple generations, Air Force, Navy and Army flyers, an astronaut, and three POWs from Vietnam. The flight meets the third Thursday of the month from September through May for a luncheon and military aviation speaker. An annual Summer Social is held in July and the December Christmas Dinner provides the setting for our annual awards and scholarship presentations.

The Old Pueblo Flight is actively engaged in realizing the objectives of the National Order:

  • We annually present the prestigious Pilot of the Year award to a pilot chosen from a flying squadron at Davis-Monthan.
  • We present scholarships each year to University of Arizona cadets in the Air Force, Army, and Navy ROTC programs.
  • Each spring the flight provides the Daedalian Achievement Award to a JROTC cadet at 11 high schools across southern Arizona.
  • The flight sponsors heritage projects that preserve military aviation history. In 2019 the Old Pueblo Flight helped sponsor the return of the D-Day Doll aircraft, which dropped paratroopers on D-Day, to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
  • New in 2019, the flight is instituting the Outstanding Mission Support Award for a junior NCO whose work is key to the flying mission at Davis-Monthan.

San Diego Flight 13
San Diego, California

Region: Southwest
Contact email: rich@wild-blue-yonder.com

San Diego Flight 13 is made up of pilots from all the services and covers the greater San Diego area, an historical place for both military and civilian aviation.

Mt. Rushmore Flight 14
Rapid City, South Dakota

Region: North Central
Contact email: homarice@gmail.com

Minutemen Flight 15
Belmont, Massachusetts

Region: Northeast
Contact email: cbhma@me.com, goosef16@yahoo.com or djjowers@gmail.com

Curtis E. LeMay Flight 16
Offutt AFB, Nebraska

Region: North Central
Contact email: lemayflight16@gmail.com or jim@maloney.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lemayflight16

Originally chartered as The Great Plains Flight #16 on July 22, 1965. The name was changed in the mid-1980s to the Curtis E. LeMay Flight 16. LeMay Flight 16 annually awards scholarships to local ROTC cadets intending to pursue a military aviation career. They also fund pilot training through initial solo through the Daedalian Flying Training Program. Flight members also present Daedalian Junior ROTC awards at local high schools.

Atomic Flight 17
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Region: Southwest
Contact email: fharsany@comcast.net

Mile High Flight 18
Broomfield, Colorado

Region: Northwest
Contact email: wwise364@comcast.net

Established on Independence Day 1965, Mile High Flight 18 maintains close ties with and supports the Colorado Air National Guard’s 140th Wing and 120th Fighter Squadron (F-16s) at Buckley AFB in Aurora. Flight 18 meets 12 months a year, usually for lunch on the third Friday of the month at the Aurora Hills Golf Course Tin Cup Bar & Grill. Exceptions are in December when we hold a Christmas dinner party at a date and location determined during calendar year of the party, and whenever an off-site event is scheduled on a TBA basis.

Billy Mitchell Flight 19
Ramstein, Germany

Region: European
Contact email: eric.barada@us.af.mil

Ben Eielson Flight 20
North Pole, Alaska

Region: Northwest

Shangri-La Flight 21
NAS Pensacola, Florida

Region: Southeast
Contact email: mdenkler31@gmail.com

Cascade Flight 22
McChord Field, Washington

Region: Northwest
Contact email: goodellwf@comcast.net or djstrom@comcast.net

Cascade Flight #22 was officially founded in September 1968 and has approximately 90 members located primarily in the western portions of Washington and Oregon.

Dallas/Fort Worth Flight 23
Fort Worth, Texas

Region: Southwest
Contact email: garychristensen@att.net or alkamback@gmail.com

Maj. Gen. Franklin A. Nichols
Flight 24

El Paso, Texas

Region: Southwest
Contact email: arnichols10@gmail.com

Flight 24 petitioned for a charter Jan. 2, 1969, at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. The petition was granted, and the 24th Roadrunner Flight was born. Charter members included Capts John D. Ryan Jr. and Michael E. Ryan, who became USAF Chief of Staff. The brothers were sons of Gen. John D. Ryan Sr., also a former USAF Chief of Staff. Charter members included four Founding Members of the Order of Daedalians including Donald R. Thompson, father of current member, Rod Thompson. Due to numerous TDYs of the 49th TFW, the 24th Roadrunner Flight moved to Biggs AFB, El Paso, Texas, in 1972. The flight’s guiding light for more than three decades, World War II Pacific Fighter Air Ace, Maj. Gen. Franklin A. Nichols, died in September 2002. In early 2003, the name of the 24th was changed to the Maj. Gen. Franklin A. Nichols Flight. In 2003, “General Nick” was inducted into the El Paso Aviation Hall of Fame.

Suncoast Flight 25
Tampa, Florida

Region: Southeast
Contact email: neil.cosentino@icloud.com

Gateway Flight 26
Belleville, Illinois

Region: North Central
Contact email: john.almind.1@us.af.mil

Sierra Flight 27
Rocklin, California

Region: Southwest
Contact email: kurt.raffetto@reagan.com

Sierra Flight 27 was chartered in May 1969. Prior to that date, Sacramento-area Daedalians were members of Golden Gate Flight 5, located at Hamilton AFB near San Francisco. Many of the original charter members retired in the local area and were Daedalians until their final flight. When there were two active Air Force bases in the Sacramento area with scores of active duty and retired pilots, the flight had a high membership of 273. Due to military force reductions and local base closures, combined with the passing of many of our WWII veterans, membership has declined. Flight 27 provides scholarship funds each year to outstanding California State University Sacramento AFROTC cadets. This money is matched by National. The Flight also annually presents a Daedalian JROTC Achievement Medal to many local area high school cadets.In July 2014, the Flight recognized an ad hoc group of Daedalian widows who attend our meetings. Subsequently, several other individuals who are not membership-qualified, but enjoy and support flight activities, were also invited to become Friends of the Flight.” Each individual is presented with a name tag identifying their status.

Aloha Flight 28
Hickam AFB, Hawaii

Region: Pacific
Contact email: jackdet@hawaii.rr.com or rsvpdaedalus@gmail.com

Texoma Flight 29
Sheppard AFB, Texas

Region: Southwest
Contact email: gregfindlay@att.net or texomaflight@gmail.com

Hap Arnold Flight 30
Riverside, California

Region: Southwest
Contact email: 30flightadjutant@sbcglobal.net or rjdonovanii@gmail.com

Pioneer Flight 32
Clearfield, Utah

Region: Northwest
Contact email: pminersprint@msn.com

Thunderbird Flight 33
Glendale, Arizona

Region: Southwest
Contact email: TbirdFlt33@att.net

Samuel P. Langley Flight 34
Langley AFB, Virginia

Region: South Central

Yosemite Flight 37
Merced, California

Region: Southwest
Contact email: larryking381@comcast.net

Longhorn Flight 38
Austin, Texas

Region: Southwest
Contact email: rbutler456@aol.com

Longhorn Flight 38 is comprised of members in the central Texas area. Our members’ meetings are every two month beginning in February and our board meets on the months when there is not a members’ meeting.

Eagle Flight 39
Warner Robins, Georgia

Region: South Central
Contact email: YANKEES958@msn.com or dickandmarti@windstream.net

The objectives of this flight are to further the objectives of the Order of Daedalians as set forth in official publications of the National Order and to foster good fellowship among military aviators through membership and participation in flight activities.

Hurricane Flight 40
Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Region: South Central
Contact email: jfoster@flygpt.com

Inland Empire Flight 41
Spokane, Washington

Region: Northwest
Contact email: fcbum@aol.com or henrybishop@earthlink.net

Flight 41 had its beginning on March 2, 1976, when 14 Daedalians in good standing with the National Order of Daedalians petitioned that a “Flight of the Order” be established at Fairchild AFB, Washington. The name “Inland Empire” was selected as it appropriately identifies and suggests the strong influence of the region versus a Washington-only oriented flight. Those initial signers of the petition were: Paul S. Cleland, Fred N. Thompson, Hans E. Hanson, Joe C. Williams, Bob M. Garner, Clyde E. Stewart (Founder Member #675), William M. Engle, Bruce E. Notson, Marvin L. Barber, Charles A. Lehman, Robert C. Cope, Robert A. Fromm, Thad A. Wolfe and David E. Thrams. Since these early beginnings our flight has grown to 100 members. Our membership is represented by retirees and active duty from the Spokane area as well as those living in Central Washington, Northern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Western Montana. The flight provides an annual college scholarship to a highly qualified student who intends to pursue a career as a military aviator.

First State Flight 42
Dover AFB, Delaware

Region: Northeast
Contact email: daedaliansflight42@gmail.com

Garden State Flight 43
Eastampton, New Jersey

Region: Northeast
Contact email: gardenstateflight@gmail.com or dexterfly@gmail.com

Flight 43 was formed on McGuire AFB in Wrightstown, New Jersey. The flight was granted a charter by the National Order on Jan. 13, 1977. Our area of responsibility covers an arc expanding from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to the south; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the west; and cutting through the southern tip of New York City, New York, to the north. Flight 43 serves active duty, Air Force Reserve, and New Jersey Air National Guard members from McGuire; Army Aviation at Ft. Dix, New Jersey; New Jersey Air National Guard and Coast Guard Aviation at Atlantic City International Airport; Navy, Marine, Navy Reserve, and Pennsylvania Air National Guard at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania; New Jersey Army National Guard at Trenton-Mercer Regional Airport; and Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, New Jersey. Our location between the two population centers of Philadelphia and New York City provide us with the awesome responsibility to serve and grow while promoting the Tenets of the Order.

Arkansas Travelers Flight 44
Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

Region: South Central
Contact email: awapplegate@classicnet.net (Primary) or awapplegate@gmail.com

Normal monthly meetings held the third Thursday of each month at 1730 hours (5:30 p.m.) at Hangar 1080 on base.

Wiley Post Flight 46
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

Region: Southwest
Contact email: WileyPostFlight46@cox.net

Swamp Fox Flight 47
Charleston AFB, South Carolina

Region: Southeast

Harley H. Pope Flight 48
Cary, North Carolina

Region: Southeast
Contact email: harleyhpopeflight48@gmail.com

In 1919 Pope Army Airfield was named for 1st Lt. Harley H. Pope who was killed with his crewmember, Sgt. W. W. Fleming, on Jan. 7, 1917, when their JN-4 crashed into the Cape Fear River near Fayetteville. When the U.S. Air Force came into existence in 1947, Pope Field was partitioned off to become Pope Air Force Base. On March 1, 2011, a Congressional Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) law, the base returned to Ft. Bragg and the airfield designated as Pope Army Airfield (AAF). National chartered the Harley H. Pope Flight on March 26, 1977, with 30 members. Initially the flight’s membership comprised of C-130 pilots from the 317th Tactical Airlift Wing and its squadrons, 39th, 40th and 41st Tactical Airlift Squadrons. Over the years, Army pilots from Ft. Bragg and local retired and separated Air Force, Navy, Marine and Army pilots joined the flight. The flight met for many years at the Pope Officers Club Daedalian Room. When the club closed, the flight moved to the Ft. Bragg Club. In 2013, the flight relocated to the Carolina Trace Country Club in Sanford. The flight normally meets the 4th Thursday of each month except in July, November and December.

Jacobson Flight 49
Minot, North Dakota

Region: North Central

Goldrush-Beale AFB Flight 50
Wheatland, California

Region: Southwest
Contact email: not_alone78@hotmail.com

Chennault Flight 51
Barksdale AFB, Louisiana

Region: South Central
Contact email: ChennaultFlt@gmail.com

George Davis Flight 52
Lubbock, Texas

Region: Southwest
Contact email: macstap@yahoo.com

The Caprock is a region in the Panhandle of Texas. It is the land to the west of the Caprock Escarpment which separates it from plains stretching to the east at a much lower elevation. Flight 52, located in Lubbock, Texas, has long gone by the name of the Caprock Flight. Recently, however we voted to rename our flight in honor of Caprock native Lt. Col. George A. Davis. Davis was an ace in WWII (7 kills), a double ace in Korea (at least 14), and was commander of the 334th Fighter Interceptor Squadron when he was shot down by enemy fire. Having previously been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross among many other awards and decorations (3 Silver Stars, 4 DFCs, 9 Air Medals among them), he was posthumously promoted to lieutenant colonel and awarded the Medal of Honor. Although his remains were never recovered, he has a cenotaph in the Lubbock Cemetery. We members of Flight 52 are proud to honor this true American flying hero, and to rename our flight after him.

Granite State Flight 53
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Region: Northeast
Contact email: curtislg@fairpoint.net

A thriving flight made up of former air battle managers, navigators, and pilots of all services. Our flight supports cadets in DFT, CAP cadets at National Flight Academies, FAA ACE program at Laconia Airport, N.H., and other student aviation programs. Our monthly meetings are each second Friday of the month and have a guest speaker normally discussing some aviation theme. Come join us at the Portsmouth Holiday Inn at the Route 1 Bypass Traffic Circle at 1800.

Fort Warren Flight 54
FE Warren AFB, Wyoming

Region: Northwest
Contact email: daedalian.flt54@gmail.com

Glen Edwards Flight 56
Edwards AFB, California

Region: Southwest
Contact email: robert.kay78@gmail.com

Flight 56 was originally chartered on March 20, 1978, as Test Flight by the flight test pilots of Edwards AFB, California. In May 2013, the members of Flight 56 elected to change their name to Glen Edwards Flight to better honor the base’s eponym and capture its history. Our ranks have included numerous astronauts, test pilots and other highly skilled pilots from the flight test community, some of them living legends. Our ranks have also included many highly accomplished pilots with distinguished flying careers from the operational community. We strive to encourage aviation careers among the youth of the Antelope Valley, an area rich in aerospace history.

Osprey Flight 57
Jacksonville IAP, Florida

Region: Southeast

Gator Flight 58
Lake Park, Georgia

Region: Southeast
Contact email: timothyaoliver@bellsouth.net or mohairr@bellsouth.net

Home for Daedalians in the Valdosta and surrounding South Georgia area. Meetings are held at the Moody AFB Club and at active duty units on the base.

George Beverley Flight 59
Laughlin AFB, Texas

Region: Southwest
Contact email: lucas.wickersham.1@us.af.mil

Flying Tiger Flight 60
Alexandria, Louisiana

Region: South Central
Contact email: berchmanr@aol.com

George E. “Bud” Day Flight 61
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Region: Southeast
Contact email: redunbar@cox.net

April 4, 2019, marked the 40th anniversary of the chartering of the George E. “Bud” Day Flight 61 of the National Order of Daedalians. Twenty-three qualified officers petitioned the National Order on March 16, 1979, and the flight was originally chartered as Seagull Flight on April 4, 1979, at Hurlburt Field, Florida, now the home of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command. Michael Couvillon, one of the original petitioners, is a National Life Member and remains active with flight. The flight now has more than 160 members and a scholarship fund in excess of $120,000. On Dec. 18, 2012, the flight was officially renamed in honor of Col. George E. “Bud” Day, a distinguished member of the flight.

Fighter Flight 62
Las Vegas, Nevada

Region: Southwest
Contact email: georgepete38@gmail.com

Fighter Flight 62 was chartered in 1978 with these 19 petitioners: Keven McElvain, Carl Milzer, Gaillard Peck, Larry Sabourin, Matt Wallace, Larry Wolfe, James Fish, Robert Wiswell, Maurice Seaver, Jack Busalski, Ronald Diehl, Frank Drew, Ronald R. Davis, Larry Beasley, William Creer, Win DePooter, Arthur McCartan, Robert C. McClure, and Martinus Stenseth, Daedalian Founder Member #122.

Apollo Flight 63
Houston, Texas

Region: South Central
Contact email: paulbalford@gmail.com

Laguardia Flight 64
Aviano, Italy

Region: European

Zia Flight 65
Holloman AFB, New Mexico

Region: Southwest

Spirit Flight 68
Whiteman AFB, Missouri

Region: North Central
Contact email: JHIrishlead@kc.rr.com

Palmetto Flight 70
Sumter, South Carolina

Region: Southeast

Gold Coast Flight 71
Tequesta, Florida

Region: Southeast

L.S. Kuter Flight 73
Altus AFB, Oklahoma

Region: South Central

Possum Town Flight 74
Columbus, Mississippi

Region: Southeast

Possum Town Flight is hosted by the 14th FTW at Columbus AFB, the No. 1 pilot-producing wing in the Air Force. Each month, active and retired military pilots gather to honor their military flying heritage, raise money for scholarships, and listen to a variety of guest speakers.

James Connally Flight 75
Waco, Texas

Region: Southwest
Contact email: stanbru@aol.com

Elliott White Springs Flight 77
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Region: Southeast
Contact email: droach@sc.rr.com

Cherokee Strip Flight 78
Enid, Oklahoma

Region: South central
Contact email: n.deunk.1@us.af.mil

Willie Flight 82

Sun Lakes, Arizona

Region: Southwest

Contact email: patretta@wbhsi.com

Website: http://www.willieflight.org/

Normally, Willie Flight 82 meets monthly, September through May, on the second Thursday of the month, but the date can change. The dinner meeting social hour starts at 1800, with dinner served about 1900, followed by a speaker; we’re usually finished by about 2100. Reservations are made by contacting the appropriate element leader listed in the monthly newsletter.

Air Capital Flight 83
Wichita, Kansas

Region: Southwest
Contact email: pjgiroux@aol.com

John K. Cannon Flight 88
Clovis, New Mexico

Region: Southwest

Pelican Flight 89
Tyndall AFB, Florida

Region: Southeast

Gunfighter Flight 93
Boise, Idaho

Region: Northwest
Contact email: rgailj@q.com

Big Sky Flight 99
Great Falls, Montana

Region: Northwest
Contact email: dhedahl@bresnan.net, ptsnyder@msn.com or mikeandsheridanbuck@gmail.com

The flight was chartered in 1992 by Col. Richard C. Marr and the following Charter Members: Lt. Col. George W. Dorris, Lt. Col. James R. Pugh III, Lt. Col. Laurel L. Statham, Lt. Col. Richard C. Wirth, Maj. Richard E.E. Antaya, Maj. Michael L. Eberle, Maj. Daniel R. Simmons, Capt. Gregory A. Kern, Capt. Kelly S. Kiernan, Capt. Joseph L. Kuberka, Capt. Charles C. Mau, and Capt. John R. McDonald. The flight meets the second Thursday of each month at the Grizzly Bend Club on Malmstrom AFB. Social hour begins in the cub lounge at 5 p.m. April through October, or 4:30 p.m. November through March. Dinner follows one hour later in the Flight 99 Daedalian Room.

Silver Wings Flight 100
Enterprise, Alabama

Region: Southeast
Contact email: silverwingsflight100@gmail.com

The Silver Wings Flight 100 has been reactivated after several years of inactivity. Please contact us if you are able to participate in flight activities.

Ben T. Epps Flight 102
Woodstock, Georgia

Region: Southeast
Contact email: flight102atl@gmail.com

Ben T. Epps (Feb. 20, 1888 Oct. 16, 1937), known as Georgia’s First Aviator, was an American aviation pioneer. In 1907, he built a monoplane of his own design, now known as the Epps 1907 Monoplane. This was followed by other original monoplane and biplane designs in 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1916, 1924 and 1930. He died of injuries as a result of an airplane crash. The Athens-Ben Epps Airport is named in his honor. Flight 102 was chartered on Jan. 22, 2003. Our flight currently meets the third Tuesday of every even month. Unless posted otherwise, our meetings take place at the American Legion Post 160, 160 Legion Drive, Smyrna, GA 30080. Our membership includes Daedalians from the entire Atlanta metro area.

Ft. Hood Flight 103
Harker Heights, Texas

Region: South Central
Contact email: Cory.Smith2@clearwire.net or densford58@gmail.com

Joe Foss Skyhawks Flight 121
Bozeman, Montana

Region: Northwest
Contact email: E2hastings@bresnan.net