Book Review: “On the Wings of Geezers”

Edited by:  Don Shepperd 

Reviewer:  Col. Francis L. Kapp, USAF (Ret.) 

This rather unusual book, loaned to me by our National Commander, Maj. Gen. Jerry Allen, that’s well worth your time to read.  The book is subtitled “Life Lessons from Old Pilots”, and is a compilation of stories from twenty-nine of the thirty-plus members of the Friday Pilots of Tucson, a group of former military pilots, who meet for lunch every Friday to eat laugh and lie (according to the fact sheet that accompanied the book).  Editor Don Shepperd has done a great job of putting the stories together.  The authors have a very wide range of flying backgrounds and experiences, and all of their tales are worth reading.   The only thing they have in common is flying.  Their lessons learned are worth remembering, particularly if you are young enough to still be flying.  This is a good book for your library, or for a gift for someone interested in a flying career.  I noted that this is the second book written by the Friday Pilots.  Their first is “The Friday Pilots”.  Both are available through Amazon Books.  I think I will try to get a copy of “The Friday Pilots”.  Incidentally, what made Maj. Gen. Allen’s copy so cool is that all the authors signed it.