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The Order of Daedalians is a fellowship organization that offers support throughout the entire military aviation profession. Qualified students receive foundation funding for flight training and college education, leading to successful careers. Active-duty aviators are nominated by their respective leaders for performance excellence to receive our Daedalian sponsored awards.

Our chapters, known as flights, facilitate networking to further the career of a transitioning retiree. And, as life shifts away from active flying, Daedalians pay it forward to the next generation while maintaining camaraderie with those who have served the nation at its highest calling. When you join the Daedalians, you link the selfless legacy of WWI pilots with tomorrow’s aviation heroes.


At the heart of the Daedalians, we memorialize the WWI pilots who were first to fly in time of war. We:

  • Carry on the legacy of our nation’s flying heroes.
  • Understand the needs of the military aviator and the importance of staying relevant.
  • Uphold a patriotic spirit for all who serve.
  • Preserve the past while ensuring a successful military aviation future.
  • Follow in the footsteps of our spanning military purpose in air and space.

We are with you every step of the way


Daedalians have a united voice. Being part of the organization, you:

  • Champion the future of military aviation through flight safety.
  • Support education for UPT/SUPT training.
  • Promote the legacy of selfless service of our WWI pilots.
  • Provide scholarships to students to be aware and involved in military careers.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of military aviation service.
  • Importance of experience to face current military challenges.


Airpower supremacy is crucial to our nation, and students supported through Daedalian programs will have the knowledge and training they need to take on leadership roles and protect our nation.

  • Next generation — Daedalians believe in future leaders and provide the tools necessary to achieve flying.
  • Mentorship — members promote the rewards of a career in military aviation and provide guidance along the way.
  • Daedalian Flying Training — Members mentor students through their first sortie, allowing them to gain confidence and carry on your legacy of protecting our nation’s skies.
  • Scholarships — Annually, about $200,000 is given to students who want to become military aviators. These not only help with the financial burden of their education but fosters the goal of joining our armed forces.
  • JROTC — Each year, 1,800 schools recognize cadets across the nation for their outstanding performance and commitment to service. This cultivates the pride to continue their dreams of flying.



Being a Daedalian provides the opportunity to:

  • Gain mentorship from diverse senior leaders that provide guidance, field questions, and facilitate connections.
  • Build relationships with peers for career advancement.
    Appreciate comradery and learn from living heroes.
  • Open doors for a broader aviation community.
  • Engage with programs at military installations.
  • Recruit youth into aviation with career opportunities.
  • Connect with others who have gone through a military transition.


When you join the Daedalians, you:

  • Become exclusively tied to military aviation and the history of those who were first to defend our nation.
  • Share a compelling sense of purpose.
  • Confirm your commitment to military airpower.
  • Have opportunities to express your opinions freely.
  • Enter into a fellowship with your peers.
  • Connect to those who will serve through our programs.
  • You are admired, respected and honored for your service to defend the United States.



As a member of the Daedalians, you can be a part of:

  • National chapters/flights where you will have the opportunity to share experiences, network and attend special flight events.
  • Our virtual chapter, Odyssey Network offers an interactive look at aviation.
  • Our member-only portal, where you can find our education products.

Our exclusive educational products include:

  • Daedalus Flyer — a quarterly magazine that provides an insight into aviation themes, military missions and air and space power in general. Our programs and flights are also featured in each issue. Sent digitally to your inbox or opt-in to receive a hard copy.
  • Aviator Newsletter — a production that keeps you informed on our scholarship programs and news items from our national headquarters. Sent monthly to your inbox.
  • Airpower Blog — a listing of important articles about air and space power to keep you current on today’s happenings. Sent weekly to your inbox.
  • Daedalian History Books — an in-depth look at the organization’s history from its beginnings.

“I’ve been a Daedalian since induction in 1975 while assigned at Clark AB, RP. Over the years, Daedalians has allowed me to share, in many forms and venues, a mutual interest in the aviation career path and public service with those who possess common experience and values. While the means of sharing has expanded from the days of in-person lunches or dinners, only the method changed…not the warmth or the joy of sharing. Daedalians still delivers.”
Gen. Norton Schwatz, USAF (Ret)