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Have you ever wanted a mentor — someone who could guide you along your career path? Whether you’re still in high school trying to figure out your future, in college needing direction, or already in your dream aviation job and want to move up the ladder, we can help you through our mentoring program.

With the vast and varied experiences of Daedalians at our disposal, our goal is to encourage young people to pursue careers as military aviators, plus assist current military aviators in their career development and progression.

Our mentorship program is designed to give support and professional guidance along with fellowship and counseling. Each may learn from the other.

To find a mentor, review the following areas.

“I had the opportunity to read about LT COL Les Leavoy and learned of all of his accomplishments. It is amazing what LT COL Leavoy accomplished in his 34 years as a pilot as well as a USAF Advisor to the Texas Air National Guard. His exceptional leadership and accomplishment, which included 57 decorations, Legion of Merit, three Distinguished Flying Crosses and 21 Air Medals have provided guidance, commitment, and dedication to our young pilots today. Being able to spend time with those who flew before, I learned a lot and know what I want to do with my life.”
– Allan