Air Force finds new KC-46 deficiencies, jeopardizing planned delivery date

WASHINGTON ? The U.S. Air Force has added two new technical issues to the KC-46 tanker?s list of problems, potentially throwing a wrench into the projected delivery of the first tanker in October.

The service confirmed to Defense News on Sept. 17 that both deficiencies are category-1 , the most serious designation of technical problems, and revolve around the tanker?s refueling boom system.

At this point, the Air Force is unsure whether the two problems will be solved in time for KC-46 manufacturer Boeing to deliver the first tanker next month, said Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek.

?Boeing and the program office are still reviewing the test data and assessing the risk and potential solutions to these deficiencies, and proceeding in parallel to aircraft delivery,? she said in a statement.