23rd Flight Supports Students Taking the Oath

23rd Flight Daedalian Brigadier General William H. “Bill” Lawson recently officiated at Joshua High School’s Annual Military Signing Ceremony.  At the request of LTC Jim Davidson, General Lawson spoke on the meaning of the U.S. Military Oath of Enlistment. He then administered the oath to thirteen graduating seniors during ceremonies at the Owls’ (Joshua) football stadium. The entire school student body was present in the stadium to observe the ceremony and congratulate the graduates. 

23rd Flight has established a special relationship with Joshua High School Navy Junior ROTC (NJROTC) and Joshua’s Senior Naval Instructors LTC Jim Davidson, USMC (Ret), and Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Linville, USN. 

The concept of the Military Signing Ceremony, as established by LTC Davidson, is quite simple:   As schools celebrate athletes signing to play sports for a college/university, we have established a celebration for young patriots who are willing to raise their right hand to join the Armed Forces of the United States and to protect our nation and our freedoms. 

Before the ceremony began, General Lawson took advantage of some informal time to hold a pep talk with the graduates who would take the oath and sign their enlistment papers on this day. During the formal ceremony, General Lawson discussed the various levels of military grade structure before focusing on the true meaning of the key words and phrases in the U.S. Military Oath of Enlistment; it was nicely and concisely presented, and easy to understand. 

The service recruiters for each of the enlistees taking the oath including five Army, two National Guard, one Navy, four Marine, and one Air Force, were on hand to observe and validate signing of the enlistment papers. 

Joining this group of enlistees were several Joshua High School seniors who are receiving ROTC scholarships to serve as military commissioned officers: Paul Boterf to the University of North Texas, Jake Broadway to Tarleton State University, Johan Hernandez to Virginia Military Institute, and Josh Groessel and Grant Lewis to Texas A&M University.