11th Flight Shares War Stories With USAFA Seniors

by Lt.Col. Sandy Miarecki, USAF (Ret.), Daedalian Life Member #6294

On 13 April 2021, 11th Flight paid a visit to the United States Air Force Academy. In the Arnold Ballroom, Daedalians met with USAFA graduating seniors to tell their war stories. Several of our legacy members shared military aviation experiences from their time serving.  

Small groups of cadets, all wearing masks and following COVID protocols, moved between stations to hear from different members. Many of the perspectives shared were from the Vietnam era. 

In the enclosed photo, Col. Ed Montgomery, USAF (Ret.), Daedalian Life Member #7393 is sharing tales of his time flying F-4s in Vietnam with future aviators. We hope cadets learned much from the history shared. We also introduced them to the Daedalians as something to consider as they embark on their aviation careers.