Who We Are

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Military Aviators to Reach New Heights

The Daedalians started with 35 WWI pilots bound together by a spirit of aerial camaraderie and patriotism. More than a century later, we honor their legacy as the first to fly in defense of our nation. We’re the premier membership of aviators from across the U.S. armed forces that come together to honor our rich heritage and inspire the future of military aviation.

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Annual Meeting

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All Smiles in San Antonio

We were so happy to see everyone at our 2022 annual membership meeting! Slides and winner photos are now available online.

Aviator Mentoring Program

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Have you ever wanted a mentor...

Someone who could guide you along your career path? Whether you're still in high school trying to figure out your future, in college needing direction, or already in your dream aviation job and want to move up the ladder, we can help you through our Aviator Mentoring Program, or AMP.