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The Daedalian Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Order of Daedalians. A 501(c)(3) organization, the main purpose of the organization is to provide encouragement for young men and women to become military pilots.

The Foundation provides scholarships through a variety of means. The largest is the Matching Scholarship Program, wherein the Foundation matches amounts given by Flights, or chapters of the Order of Daedalians, to deserving college and university students who are pursuing a career as a military aviator.

Descendant scholarships are also awarded to college students who are direct-line descendants of Daedalians.

Another program focuses on college scholarships for students who are pursuing a military career through a Navy, Army or Air Force ROTC program at their college or university. These students are nominated by their local commanders and the selection is made by the various ROTC headquarters and funded by the Foundation.

The Egan Scholarship is a mentoring program which enables a sophmore student to apply for a scholarship which will be available to him or her annually throughout their remaining three years in college and if going on to gradulate school.. These are also initiated by the local Flights.

The Foundation also provides funding for the Civil Air Patrol for high school students who are interested in flying. This program is done in conjunction with CAP Headquarters.

Daedalian Foundation , P.O. Box 249, Randolph AFB, Texas 78148-0249   (210) 945-2113
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